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Season  -2 - The Felon File Podcast





Episode -1-  BACKGROUND -

The five four two and the Blue Podcast. .. Discussions of law enforcement history. issues and incidents in the Appalachian Mountains. Hosted by Scott Lunsford, retired police detective sergeant. Author and researcher.

Episode S2-1-

 What do you do with a Six year old Murder?

1929 A few Months before stock market crash and the time in our history know as the Great Depression. In the steep hills of eastern Kentucky

On May 18, two young boys got into an argument over the ownership of a simple piece of scrap Iron. Usually the two neighborhood kids got along well and would play together.

Loosing the fight over the hunk of iron the younger of the two went home, located a firearm and purposely shot his friend. The incident and court case gained nationwide attention. It all came down to one question.  What do you do with a Six year old Murder?

Episode to air Saturday 9-24-19 at 7:00 pm


Episode- S2-2- 

 The Murder of 3 year old Lillian Patrick

Three year old Lillian Patrick's step father John Gibson, lived with his eighteen-year-old wife; her three-year old daughter from a previous marriage Lillian. Gibson's 16 year old brother Henry .

In late November 1900, an anonymous person informed the city health Inspector-Doctor that the Gibson stepdaughter was suffering from smallpox. When the Dr. went to the Gibson house to investigate, he found the three year old dying, but not of smallpox. Instead of a contagious disease a fatal case of sever child abuse was located. This Shade of blue is about the investigation, manhunt and trial of a child killer.

Episode to air Saturday 9-31-19 at 7:00 pm


Episode- S2-3- 

 The Buncombe County Smith Cold Case

1997, A man and his son are looking for deer tracks in North Carolina's Pisgah National Forest. Instead of deer sign they came across human bones, clothing, and other items scattered in the woods near a primitive campsite.

The remains, were centered around a shallow grave. The grave of a murdered woman.  Investigation found the body to be of a Pennsylvania  missing person, Judy Smith. Today the murder investigation has never been solved. Was the killing the act of a serial killer or is the answer more simple. Listen and make your own decision.

Scheduled for September 07, 2019 at 7:00 PM


Episode -S2-4-A murder solved but still not closed. 1936

In the 1930’s, a senseless homicide took place on the campus of Berea College, A school known as an institution of higher learning and its advocacy of the work ethic. Providing educational opportunities for the young people of Appalachia. A murder from the 1930s that you would not be surprised to see on today's evening news. And you might have. A 1936  murder, solved but still not closed.

Scheduled for September 14, 2019 at 7:00 PM


Episode -S2-5-

Episode S2-5- The Doctor did it.

The story of the Doctor from New Jersey charged with bank robbery in Asheville NC. How he almost fooled the FBI and why he is still referenced in the FBI academy for his surgical skills.


Episode -S2-6-

Episode S2-7- A fifteen-day severe weather snow storm struck the east coast in1881.

It became the prequel to a fatal domestic violence incident in McDowell Co. North Carolina. The resulting murder gained nation attention and was highlighted in the nationally published magazine the POLICE GAZETTE. The media documentation quite different than the official records. Part two is another domestic incident but from a different direction. Yet just as unfortunate.


Episode -S2- 9-

Episode S2-8- Episode S2-6- The 100 sticks of Dynamite Murder. 1937

A mother goes to put her three daughters to bed, but she felt something was not right. An ominous feeling that something was wrong. She Tried to purposefully keep the girls up  later than normal because of those feelings. Once the children couldn’t stay awake any longer, they all went to bed. She spent the rest of the worrisome night tossing and turning.

Just after 3:00 in the morning, she briefly woke to an unimaginable roar. She fought back the blackness only long enough to hear one of her daughter’s scream and see plaster and dust falling everywhere. She  collapsed as her home imploded around her.

At first thought of as a tragic accident. Then a famous arson investigator from the 1930s is given the responsibility by the Governor of Tnn to solve the crime but only 48 hours to do it.

Published 10-05-2019 at 7:00 pm


Episode -S2- 10- 

Episode S-2-9-Episode s2-9- The Pennsylvania Turnpike  Phantom of 1953 

On the night of July 25. Lester Woodward, a 30 year old freight driver did what freight drivers have been doing for 1000s of years. He got tired and pulled his vehicle over to get some sleep.  Hauling freight is an old profession the methods of doing it have evolved but its still a matter of moving goods from one place to another. Lester had no reason to think it would be a problem, he had been doing it for years. Unfortunately Lester never woke up. He was shot once. With a . 32 caliber pistol . The bullet going straight into his brain. This was the first attack of the Turnpike Phantom.  There would be more death and violence before it ended.

On line 10-19-19 at 7:00

Episode -S2-11- 

Episode s2-11-  Tragic 911 call and the Story of Lucky Joe.  A two part Episode.

A 911 call starts a shade of blue story. A young man calls for help because of his actions. County First responders in the small town of Pilot North Carolina arrived to a shocking, almost unbelievable crime scene.  What did the Deputy see and do, and what was the outcome of this sad and tragic incident. Listen to the episode to learn.  Part two. Luck Joe. Just how man lives did lucky Joe have ?  And how did he use them to get what he wanted?


Episode -S2-12- 

Episode S2- 12 The Bunch Gang and the murder of Sheriff Lewis Bratch (L.B.) Hutcheson.  

A shade of blue story about Sheriff Lewis Bratch (L.B.) Hutcheson.  Of Union Co. Tenn. His death in 1935 at the hands of a far reaching criminal gang and how his wife carried on after his death.  Many have heard of the Dalton Gang. The James brothers, the Wild bunch and  Bonnie and Clyde  but few recall the notorious Bunch gang of Tennessee, and the crimes  of robbery and violence they committed during the 1930’s in the Appalachian mountains.


Episode -S2-13- 

Episode S2- 13.  The Civilian and War Crimes of Champ Ferguson

Thought of by many as a criminal before the civil war he was best know as a notorious Confederate guerrilla leader.  

Accused of many cold-blooded murderers and war crimes, he was thought of as a thief, robber, boot legger, con man and counterfeiter before the Civil War begun.

 He personally claimed to have killed over 100 Union soldiers and pro-Union civilians during the war.    Champ Ferguson is one of only two men to be tried, and convicted, for war crimes during the United States Civil War.



Episode -S2-14- 

Episode S 2-14, A 1982 medieval murder with Satanic connections in Kentucky

The day after Halloween, 1982. Twenty-two-year-old Carol Frances Mudd went to work at the Stone Castle Museum in Bardstown, Kentucky.  A Small museum of miniature toy soldiers, antique weapons and related retail items.   Nothing unusual at all about her work day, but her work day came to a tragic end before it started.  At the end at the point of a broad sword.


Episode -S2-15 

Episode S 2-15, Outlaw Whiskey

Moonshine, "clear, un-aged whiskey”. The Devils Drink?  At one time used as currency,  taxed, protested about, the cause of rebellions, fought for and murdered because of.  Did Moonshine once come to the rescue of the Asheville Police Department?  Listen and decide.  Five Four Two and the Blue looks at the history and stories of “That Good Ole Mountain Dew. With music by Outlaw Whiskey and there new single Outlaw Whiskey and Guns.

On line 11-30-1 @ 7pm


Episode S2-16

Episode S 2-16,  The Unitarian Universalist Church Shooting at youth play

Sometimes when a major crime occurs its not a who done it situation. At times offenders get caught or stopped in the act. There are also times when the suspect admits to the crime, tells you why they did it and how.  This does not make investigations any easier. Leads still have to be followed. Such is the case of the Knoxville Unitarian Universalist Church Shooting at a youth production of Annie. 

Who did it and why?   Listen to learn. Online 12-7-19 @ 7pm 

Episode- S2- 17- 

Episode S 2-17 Repeat offenders and killers.

This Shade of Blue Story, for Five Four Two and the Blue, starts in Asheville North Carolina in the mid 1970s. Two Asheville Police officers on patrol locate a body in the snow. Addiction, Murder, and more drugs. It ends years later in Virginia Beach Virginia. A second shade of Blue, tells the story of a repeat offender from 1910. A murder that impacts on the Gov. of North Carolina, but also ends in Virginia.  Ademonstration of how things can be connected through time.


Scheduled for: 12-21-19

Episode S2- 18. The Thorny Rose- Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch connection to Tnn.

Laura Bullion was  a member of Butch Cassidy's Wild Bunch.  At 15 she was romantically involved with the outlaw Ben Kilpatrick ("The Tall Texan"), bank and train robber.   Nicknamed "The Thorny Rose". Her story started in the Wild West and ends as one of our Shade of Blue stories in Appalachia.


Episode -19 

Scheduled for 12-28-19

Episode -S2 18  Shootout at the Ironton jail

Pulp detective magazines and the stories they have run have documented incidents in the Appalachian Mountains going back to the 40’s .  True Detective Mysteries in the article The shootout at the Ironton jail. Wrote about the former World war II Veteran who became Chief of police of his home town.   He survived  the battle of Iwo Jima and other island hopping battles in the Pacific.  To  loose  his life protecting his town. Reviewing court records, newspapers and family interviews tells more of this Shade of Blue Story. 

Episode -20- 

Scheduled for 1-04-20

Episode -S2 - 20 A look at the first court cases in Buncombe County North Carolina.

A Shade of Blue look at the first court cases in Buncombe County North Carolina. The crimes and the punishments.  The results of trials and how they affected others.


Episode -21-

Scheduled for 1-11-2020

Episode -S2-21-  Violence and school shootings

 Violence and shootings at schools is not a new phonomina.  The incidents in American go back to the 1800s.  An issue that should concern us greatly is that 70% of the perpetrators of school shootings were under the age of 18, with the median age of 16.   

Five four two and the Blue Episode S-2-21 is a discussion of some of the School Shooting Encounters and the results of these incidents.

Episode -22-

Scheduled for 1-18-2020

Episode -S2-22 The Atlanta Ripper of 1911

Most know of Jack the Ripper of London, Son of Sam, and Ted Bundy.

But many are not aware of the terror of the so called “Atlanta Ripper” who started his notoriety in 1911 in the City of Atlanta.

Seventy years later, the notion of a serial killer once again captured the city's imagination, when more than 20 young African American males were found murdered. Wayne Williams is now serving a life sentence after being convicted for two of the murders. His conviction came in an Atlanta that had changed drastically since the Ripper murders of 1911 and 1912.  Although even today, 20 years after Williams' conviction, some doubts linger that he was the true serial killer or one of several killers.

Learn more at the Five Four Two and the Blue Podcast on line free on 1-18-2020


Scheduled for 1-25-2020

Episode -S2-23“Five O”

Stories from a Police agency  not in the Appalachian mountains yet still associated with mountains non the less.

Sharp mountains created by volcanic action  much more recently than our Appalachian mountains. During a visit to the state of Hawaii. I was curious how law enforcement was done in paradise and looked for some Hawaii shade of blue stories.

Learn more at the Five Four Two and the Blue Podcast on line free on 1-25-2020 



Scheduled for 02-01-2020

Episode -S2-24  Juvenile death penalties. 

Juvenile death penalties.   How young is two young to be executed for you crimes?

Learn more at the Five Four Two and the Blue Podcast on line free on 1-25-2020

Episode-25-   2-8-2020 

Episode -S2-25   Wrongfully convicted - Illegally executed by South Carolina

Paxvill south Carolina Calvary Baptist Church Cemetery

There is a large dark tomb stone to be found here.  The stone reads, October twenty first 1929  - June 16 1944.

Wrongfully convicted    Illegally executed by South Carolina.

A shade of blue  discussion on George Stinney. Junior’s fourteen year life and why it was so short

Learn more at the Five Four Two and the Blue Podcast on line free on 2-8-2020




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