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Scott is a retired Asheville N.C. Police Sergeant with over 35 years of public service working as a Detective and a supervisor in the youth services and sexual assault unit. He has been a uniformed supervisor in the department’s School Resource Officers Unit and worked as a patrol forensic tech, patrol officer, and West District patrol supervisor. He is also a North Carolina Law Enforcement Instructor and Teacher. Certified as a North Carolina K-12 Substitute Teacher and School Resource Officer 
In his career, Lunsford has worked directly with the young people of Western North Carolina, adults, and educators. Though retired, Scott enjoys writing Fiction and non-fiction books for adults and children.
As well as working currently as an SRO in the 
School System he grew up in.   
Scott also operates a podcast : 


It discusses law enforcement history, issues, and incidents in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond. A podcast heard in 21 countries around the world. Now in season 10. 

Scott resides on a mountaintop with his wonderful wife, Robin, a slightly insane cat, and Mickey, the Chaweenie dog.   
Radio Show




FelonFile Stuff

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A video channel with recorded stories for the kids that are at home during the emergency situation we are in today.  

A Little bit of Jack Tales and some other stories for young people to listen to while school is out. Read by Mr. Scott, School Resource Officer for an Elementary School in the Mountains of Western North Carolina.

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All Videos

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