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Scott is a retired Asheville Police Sergeant with more than 33 years of public service working as a Detective then a supervisor in the youth services and sexual assault unit. He also served as a uniformed supervisor in the department’s School Resource Officers Unit, was a patrol forensic tech, patrol officer, and West District patrol supervisor.
Lunsford in his career has worked directly with the young people of Western North Carolina, adults, and educators.
Scott also operates a podcast : 

Felon File or

Five-four two and the Blue


Discussions of law enforcement history, issues, and incidents in the Appalachian Mountains and beyond.  Listened to in 17 Countries around the world.   Now in season four.  

Scott resides on a mountain top with his wonderful wife Robin, a slightly insane cat, Bambi the Dachshund, and his biggest fan and critic Liberty the Boston terrier.    As of Oct 2020, the addition of Mickey the Chaweenie dog to the family.  
Radio Show

                          Podcast News!

Thank you for your patience. Scott's, fight with the Covid Virus seems to have passed. Thank you to all who sent emails and good wishes.  Scott is back researching new  (old) true crime stories and with Victori's help producing them into the Podcasts Stories,  listened to around the world.




A video channel with recorded stories for the kids that are at home during the emergency situation we are in today.


A Little bit of Jack Tales and some other stories for young people to listen to while school is out. Read by Mr. Scott, School Resource Officer for an Elementary School in the Mountains of Western North Carolina.

FelonFile Stuff

Mugs 10.00

Shirts start at 15.00



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