Montford Ave Murder
On the morning of May 10- 1927, a maid walking to work discovered the body of a women in a ravine on Montford Avenue. This begun one of the most sensational crimes, investigations and trials in that time period.

The Investigation and trial had impact through out Buncombe County and the City of Asheville at that time.

Allegations of a cover-up, involvement of the Klu Klux Klan and miss-handled evidence was the talk of the time. A reorganization of the Asheville Police Department and the firin
Everyone loves a good read
write up in The Laurals Mag.
Nice write up in the Laural Magazine Oct. 2018 on THE GIRLS FROM GIFT
Cuba Tour
Havana Cuba Tour Guide
COP  AND COIN in Cubin Prison
Tour of old Fort in Havana. A historical site. Was used during the 1959-1960 revolution.
Leading  the Pledge from Havana Cuba
Made wif fi contact with my Students in Hot Springs NC while in Havana Cuba. Led the Pledge to the US Flag in NC from Cuba.
Cop Coin in Cuba
Local art in Havana
Key West
find it on
Cop and Coin
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