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The Felon File Podcast

Episode -1-  BACKGROUND -

The five four two and the Blue Podcast. Discussions of law enforcement history. issues and incidents in the Appalachian Mountains. Hosted by Scott Lunsford, retired police detective sergeant. Author and researcher.

Bonus -S3-Bonus #1 - A killing among friends

Today’s shade of blue bonus story, for five for two and the blue is a bonus episode to hold over till season three starts on the third Saturday of March. Today is a brief look at an incident and court case in Madison County North Carolina. November 1962.

​Bonus -S3-Bonus #2 -Two N. C. Cold Cases

As time passes, felonious minds have been attempting to get better at getting away with murder. According to the F B I. Uniform Crime Reports. In 2016.  nearly 40 percent of murder and non-negligent manslaughter cases went uncleared,

This can cause grief for victims’ families and frustration for investigators. Some of whom retire without being able to answer the question. Who did it? A citizen’s violent demise that happened on their watch.

It seems with the popularity of true crime Television. Books, Movies and podcasts just like this one. For the general public, unsolved deaths are a ceaseless source of mystery and fascination. Apparently its true. everyone loves a mystery.

Bonus -S3-Bonus # 3, Dad's dead!

The killing of the father-in-law. A short look at a domestic incident that went wrong.

Bonus -S3-Bonus #4 The Murder of 3-year-old Lillian Patrick

Three-year-old Lillian Patrick's stepfather John Gibson lived with his eighteen-year-old wife; her three-year-old daughter from a previous marriage, Lillian, and Gibson's 16-year-old brother Henry.

​November 1900, an anonymous person informed the city health Inspector-Doctor that the Gibson stepdaughter was suffering from smallpox. When the Dr. went to the Gibson house to investigate, he found the three-year-old dying, but not of smallpox. Instead of a contagious disease, a fatal case of severe child abuse was located. This Shade of blue is about the investigation, manhunt, and trial of a child killer.

Episode to air Saturday 9-31-19 at 7:00 pm

Bonus -S3-Bonus #5 Redhead Murder and Nazi Found and removed.

A Serial killer, killing from 1983 to 1985.

A monster found hiding in the United States. Federal Court orders him to be removed from the U.S.

Bonus -S3-Bonus #6 Wyatt Outlaw

The story of one of the First African American Law enforcement Officers in the state of North Carolina. Mr. Wyatt Outlaw.

Episode S3-1 The Satanic Panic – Dungeon and Dragons and murder.

In the late ’80s a phenomenon known as the Satanic Panic characterized by fear about the presence of Satanic ritual abuse in one's community, state or country showed up in many cities and communities.  

Today's Shade of Blue is about the game that allegedly led to the Murder of a stepfather over a two-million-dollar inheritance.


Episode S3-2 Justice denied and justice delivered.

March 28, 2020, at 7:00 PM

The Killing of an Asheville North Carolina police officer in 1911.


Episode 3-3   --- Political Prisoner or Murderer?

The 1957 Murder of Two North Carolina Highway Patrolmen. Is the killer, Frank Wetzel a cold-blooded killer or a political prisoner? Some say the most notorious prisoner in North Carolina history was silvery-haired, sparkly-eyed Frank Edward Wetzel, inmate No. 11021-OS, serving two consecutive life terms at the Vance Correctional Center.

The state said he’s was a calculating killer who gunned down two young Highway Patrolmen one “sad, bad night” back in 1957.

Supporters called him a “political prisoner,” denied fair treatment and any hope of release by vote-counting officeholders. Justice or Politics, listen and decide for yourself.

Episode 3-4 --- A view of the Asheville Police Dept from 1970 and 1983

Two Articles by Mr. Bob Terrell.

Terrell wrote for the Asheville Citizen-Times for over fifty years. Terrell is also the author of several Police related books. A must-read for history buffs and law enforcement historians is The Will Harris Murders: November 13, 1906, a Night in Which Asheville Was a Tougher Town Than Tombstone and Dodge City Rolled into One.

These two stories tell of unusual assignments given Asheville Police Patrolmen separated by 13 years.


Episode 3-5, Power, control and death

A shad of Blue story of power, control, and death.

How is the birth of the first surviving set of identical quadruplets on May 23, 1946, connected to a crime spree that ended dramatically almost 40 years later?

A story that starts 74 years ago in Milton, North Carolina that explodes in the death of 9 family members in 1985. Listen to find out how.

Episode 3 - 7- An 80-year-old open child abduction investigation

Eighty years ago, Marjorie vanished while at a Mother’s Day picnic in the forest with her family.

To this day she is the subject of one of the oldest unsolved cases recorded by the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children.

Her search was one of the largest for a child since the Lindbergh baby kidnapping six years earlier. Residents of western Pennsylvania and Marjorie’s surviving relatives still hold out hope she’s alive.

Episode 3 - 8 - Arrest in Cold Case slaying of teenage boy 29 years ago

Advancements in forensic technology, not available in 1991, when a 14-year-old young man was found shot twice in the head.  Have led to the arrest of a Restaurant Chain Company President in 2020.

Episode 3-9 - 1902 fratricide with an eleven-year-old killer.

A shade of blue story, of a Juvenile offender homicide investigation.

The idea of homicidal children is nothing new. In episode one of season two of 542 and the blue. We discussed a murder by a six-year-old in Kentucky.

This, is not a symptom of the times we live in. Juvenile killers have been with us throughout history.

Are young killers the results of over-exposure to R- rated movies, the internet, and video games? Or is it something else? Listen and make up your own mind.


Episode 3-10 ---The JFK Assassination and the Boone N.C. triple Murder connection. 

Did a North Carolina man give President Kennedy’s assassin, Lee Harvey Oswald a ride from Dealey Plaza to the Oak Cliff area of Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963?  Was this man connected to Dallas Police Officer Tippet’s death? How is this man also connected to an unsolved 1972 triple homicide in Boone North Carolina?   Listen and decide if there is a real connection.


Episode 3-11---  30 year old murder investigation solved by public genealogy company

A 23-year-old mother’s cold case murder in Ohio has been solved with an arrest after  29 years.  The victim was raped, beaten, stabbed and set on fire on March 30, 1991. Her daughter was three at the time.  

In 2020 almost 30 years after the crime, DNA collected evidence has been matched.   A suspect was identified after a private Texas company uploaded crime scene DNA to a public genealogy website. Getting a partial match to a relative of the suspect.   


Episode 3-12--  Listen to the trees they can testify to.

A shade of blue story, for five for two and the blue on a murder investigation from the 1980s.

An interesting investigation that took several years to solve and bring to court.  Interesting for its use of forensic evidence collection and the interpretation of that evidence.

And the connections to other crimes.




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